n. [mēd] – An alcoholic beverage made by fermenting honey and water.

Picture of hydrometer

Sticky Paws:

We love our wildlife and wanted to convey the imagery of a bear with its paw in a bee hive. While thinking of names that conveyed this imagery, our border collie Toby was licking up honey that had spilled on the floor, and ended up tracking it all over the house. After a collective groan, we also collectively blurted out “Sticky Paws.”

Sticky Paws Meadery’s Mission:

Because we care about wildlife and their environment, our mission is to make top quality products in the most sustainable way possible. This has all kinds of implications ranging from using clean energy via solar panels to biodegradable tasting cups at events. However it primarily means sourcing ingredients locally wherever possible to save on transportation fuel, and having the added benefit of supporting our local economy. We use 100% raw honey from Vermont apiaries and source barrels, maple syrup, and spices from other local producers. A taste of our mead is thus a taste of Vermont.