Mead: A Versatile Beverage

“What’s mead?”

“What kind of meat? You mean like sausages?”

These are the questions I usually hear after people ask me what I do, and I tell them I make mead. Once the concept of mead has been hashed thoroughly, usually I can see a lightbulb coming on in someone’s mind, and they clearly remember hearing of the stuff somewhere some time in some unknown context a long time ago. It follows, therefore, that the scope of how to drink mead is pretty limited. Honey is sweet. Lots of mead out there is sweet. What on earth can one do with it besides sip a small glass of it for dessert?


Flavors and levels of sweetness are highly variable in mead, and it turns out that different meads go superbly with different foods – and also cocktails! Just like the right cheese can bring out some previously unnoticed notes in a wine, a good food and mead pairing will be a wonderful culinary experience. So next time you want to open a bottle with dinner, make that a bottle of mead! I’ll be posting recipes with suggested pairings, as well as cocktail recipes, so check back often.