Slow Cooked Butter Chicken with Mulled Over

As far as I’m aware, this dish is a heavily Americanized version of an Indian curry. While I usually prefer the authentic stuff, this is easy to make, and the slow cooker won’t make you break a sweat standing over the stove during these warmer months. The spices pair very nicely with the cinnamon and cloves in Mulled Over, which can be chilled to beat the heat of both the weather and the cayenne.

To make: put some chicken thighs (2 pounds-ish, trimmed if you  like) into slow cooker. Add a chopped onion, a can of tomato paste, 2 TBS yellow curry paste (you can use powder if you can’t find paste), 1 TBS garam masala, 4 TBS butter (or ghee), 6 minced cloves of garlic, cayenne to taste, and a handful of smashed whole cardamom pods. Put the last of these in a cheesecloth for easy removal after cooking, if you like. Top the whole thing with a can of coconut milk, cook 8 hrs on low, shred chicken, remove bones and cardamom pots. Serve with basmati rice (you can add turmeric to the rice to make it yellow – or saffron if you’re fancy).