Mead Slushies

Toby's Brew with frozen cherries

It’s been hot! In the search to stay cool, we’ve been blending mead with frozen fruit and ice. Our favorite pairings so far have been Mulled Over with blackberries and Toby’s Brew with cherries. Blackberries and cinnamon go surprisingly well together, and coffee lends a similar tannic feel to the cherries that you would get from chocolate. Pictured above is the latter. This is super easy to make and drink – all you need is a blender. Ice is optional – it helps to thicken the slushy, particularly if you want to use a larger amount of mead. This is also a great way to use up a bottle that’s been sitting around open for a bit too long and has begun to oxidize.

We use 2 cups frozen fruit, 1 cup mead, 1 cup ice. Adjust ratios as you see fit. Blend, drink, and find a friend with a pool.