Our Meads

Currently Available:

Barrel Magic label

Style: Dry, still, 14% Alcohol by volume

Description: Aged in gin barrels for just over four months, it picked up a hint of gin and a lot of buttery vanilla to balance the charred American oak.

Pairs well with: Good quality double or triple cream brie.







Label Mulled Over


Style: Semi-sweet, still, 13% alcohol by volume

Description: A classic fall and winter favorite! We prefer to enjoy this mulled mead warm with an extra cinnamon stick – but it is also delicious cold.

Pairs well with:  Holiday ham, cream sauces, apple pie





Label Thorny Side


Style: Dry, still, 13% alcohol by volume

Description: Mellow yet very floral, roses pair perfectly with Vermont wildflower honey. This mead drinks like a soft white wine.

Pairs well with: Persian foods, mild cheeses like mascarpone and fontina, lightly seasoned chicken and white fish.



Toby's Brew label

Style: Semisweet, still, 13% alcohol by volume

Description: Coffee beans were steeped in this mead to give a very obvious java flavor without overpowering the honey. Residual sweetness balances the coffee astringency.

Pairs well with: Chocolate desserts, chili, mole sauce, grilled/barbequed anything, tangy cheeses like goat and blue.

In Progress and Coming Soon:

Maple Mayhem

Traditional Mead